TikTok to Gif Converter

Convert your favorite TikTok videos to high quality GIFs that you can share on your favorite social media platforms.

Using our online GIF converter you can save your favorite TikTok videos as GIFs. Currently all videos can be converted to a GIF between 1 and 10 second long. By using our service you are accepting our terms of service.

How to convert TikTok videos to GIFs

  • 1. Copy the link to the TikTok video you want to convert.
  • 2. Paste the link into the input box on the GIF converter page.
  • 3. Click the "Get video" button to start the conversion process.
  • 4. Finally, click on the download button to save the GIF to your device.

About GIFs

Animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is an image format that can contain multiple image frames compressed into a single image that loops infinitely. You can often find animated gifs in banners ads, loading icons, and on many forums like Reddit. GIF's are a great way to display dynamic content as output files are often smaller in file size than other technologies like Flash and Java. This is because GIF images are created using a palette of up to 256 colors for each frame, which reduces the file size significantly.